A New Name for an Established Bank: Introducing Brickell Bank


MIAMI, FL ‑ (July 27, 2015) ‑

G. Frederick Reinhardt, Chairman and CEO, introduces Brickell Bank®, formerly Espírito Santo Bank. “We are excited to be rebranding following the Stock Purchase Agreement recently signed between the bank’s principal shareholder, and members of the Benacerraf family, Cohen family, and other investors,” says Reinhardt.

Brickell Bank®, Florida-chartered since 1973, will maintain its headquarters and branch both located at 1395 Brickell Avenue, Miami, FL 33131. Service to clients will continue uninterrupted during the transition period. All telephone numbers remain the same, and the main number is 305-347-8300. The new website, including online banking services is www.brickellbankmiami.com.

“We chose Brickell Bank® as our new name as it represents the vital and exciting history of Miami* and the location where development first took place, where homes, offices and towers rose from raw land to become the banking center of this multi-cultural city,” says Reinhardt. “Miami is recognized as the most important financial center for Latin America and is growing in importance for investors from Europe and Asia. We are proud to bear the mantel of such a prestigious and established moniker,” continued Reinhardt.

“The Share Purchase agreement, while still subject to regulatory approval, brings an extraordinary level of expertise from well-established banking families to Brickell Bank® and is a superb catalyst for our growth and continuing dedication to serve our clients,” says Reinhardt.

Brickell Bank® will continue to expand its core strategy of providing wealth management, personal and corporate banking services, residential and commercial real estate lending and trade finance services to domestic and international individuals, institutions and corporations.

The existing management team has led the Share Purchase negotiations and the rebranding efforts, and will continue in place.

Brickell Bank® will continue to offer Wealth Management services to its Private Banking clients through its broker/dealer, Brickell Global Markets, Inc.® (Member of FINRA/SIPC) and investment advisory services through Brickell Global Advisory, Inc.®, a Florida registered investment advisor. (These subsidiaries were formerly known as E.S. Financial Services, Inc. and Espírito Santo Investment Advisors, Inc., respectively).

The transition is taking place now in the offices, the branch and online to reflect the new names, logos, icon and navy and white coloration. According to Mr. Reinhardt, “the vibrant new look reflects a new beginning, but more importantly reaffirms our commitment as a customer-centric institution providing an unparalleled, enhanced and comprehensive range of products, exemplary service and expertise.”

# # #

*Miami founders William and Mary Brickell and Julia Tuttle all hailed from Cleveland, Ohio and became the driving force for construction of Flagler’s railroad and construction of commercial and residential real estate. The Brickell area of Miami was settled in the late-1800s and was dubbed Millionaire’s Row in the 1900s during a phase of construction emphasizing luxurious mansions. In the 1970s, office towers, hotels, and apartments sprung up replacing the private homes.